New Advisory Board members

Keep on Questioning is delighted to have two new additions to our Advisory Board; Kitty Gifford and Jaime Hurlbut.

Advisory Board member Kitty Gifford

Kitty Gifford

Kitty’s professional experience is in design and communications and she was recently appointed as Director of Communications at the Boyce Thompson Institute.  In her spare time Kitty likes to go out sailing on Cayuga lake and somehow she also finds time to curate Ithaca’s Science Cabaret. Kitty has boat loads of experience on boards and working with non-profit organizations and we’ve been extremely fortunate to benefit from her knowledge and insight. It was due to her support and encouragement that we were able to run our first I’m a Scientist USA live event in conjunction with Science Cabaret back in May.

Kitty’s addition to the Advisory Board is a fantastic development and we’re really excited to have such an intelligent and  savvy communicator guiding us.

Advisory Board member Jaime Hurlbut

Jaime Hurlbut

Jaime is a science teacher at Vestal Middle School. She signed up her grade 7 class for the Hydrogen zone; the first I’m a Scientist event to be run in the USA. She kindly invited us to come and observe her class during one of the live chats and straight away it was obvious that she was a great teacher who really goes the extra mile to provide the best learning experiences for her students. After I’m a Scientist USA’s Hydrogen Zone in May Jaime stayed in contact and was very helpful and supportive as we evaluated the impact of the event.

Having a teacher on our Advisory Board is really important to us and we know how hard teachers work so were really pleased when Jaime agreed to join the Advisory Board and bring her classroom experience to the table. Going forward we expect Jaime will be one of our most valuable board members, keeping us in touch with the ever changing environment in the classroom.